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Graduation Requirements

Requirements for Graduation

The first steps toward successful completion of the course requirements for high school graduation are taken when a student begins earning credits toward graduation.  Students and their parents should keep in mind the Michigan Merit Curriculum State Graduation Requirements listed below when selecting courses each term.  Please note these are the minimum state requirements and may not fulfill all admission requirements at some post­secondary institutions.  All students are required to meet the Center Line Public Schools graduation requirements.


Personal Curriculum

The Michigan Legislature provides an opportunity for students to slightly modify the state graduation requirements shown below; this modification is called a Personal Curriculum, or PC.  A student and his/her parent or guardian can request a PC for one of four reasons:

  1. Students who are interested in earning additional credits in math, science, English language arts, or foreign languages.
  2. Students who demonstrate a need to reduce the Algebra II requirement in the Michigan Merit Curriculum.
  3. Students transferring from out-of-state or non-public schools after completing two years of high school.
  4. Students with an Individualized Education Program (IEP). While a PC can be requested at any time during a student’s high school experience, with the exception of social studies and math, it should be used in limited circumstances after students have had the opportunity to succeed in the Michigan Merit Curriculum.  Contact your school’s counseling office for additional information.

Graduation Requirements

Starting with the Class of 2021, students must earn a total of 23 credits – 18 required by the State of Michigan, including the addition of two credits of World Languages, plus three additional elective credits.  


Center Line High School Graduation Credit Requirements

(23 Credits)

English (4 Credits)

·         1 credit in 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grades

·         All credits aligned to state approved standards

Mathematics (4 Credits)

·         3 credits aligned with the state approved standards for Geometry, Algebra I and Algebra II

·         1 credit of math or math related course during student’s senior year

Science (3 Credits)

·         1 Biology credit

·         1 Chemistry or Physics credit

·         1 additional science credit offered through:

o   Physics/Chemistry

o   Human Anatomy

o   Environmental Science

o   AP Biology

o   AP Chemistry

o   Dual Enrollment Science Courses

o   E2020/On-line Science courses

Social Studies (3 Credits)

·         .5 Civics credit

·         .5 Economics credit

(CLHS offers economics, AP Macro and AP Micro.  No Personal finance class offered.)

·         1 U.S. History and Geography credit

·         1 World History and Geography credit

Physical Education/Health (1 Credit)

·         .5 Health credit

·         .5 Physical Education credit or district approved extra-curricular activities involving physical activity (2 years of Marching Band, 2 years of JROTC or 2 seasons of CLHS sponsored athletic team participation)

Visual, Performing, and Applied Arts (1 Credit)

·         Course credit aligned to state guidelines

World Language (2 Credits)

·         Credits earned in grades 9-12 or an equivalent learning experience in grades K-12

·         Students may fulfill the second year credit of World Language by completing a state approved Career and Technical Education program or by completing an additional credit in Visual, Performing and Applied Arts

Online Learning Experience

·         Online course or learning experience incorporated into one or more required credits

Additional Electives (5 Credits)

·         5 additional elective credits throughout grades 9-12 of students choice


  • To meet minimum graduation requirements, a total of 23 credits must be earned in grades 9-12. One-half credit is granted for each semester course.
  • Beginning with the class of 2016 and thereafter, 18 of the 23 credits must be completed in these areas: Mathematics - 4, English Language Arts (ELA) - 4, Science - 3, Social Studies - 3, World Languages - 2, Health/Physical Education – 1, and the Arts (Visual, Performing or Applied) - 1. In addition, elective credits and an online learning experience are required.
  • It is the responsibility of students to meet with school staff to ensure coursework meets the basic requirements of their college and/or career choice. Further information is available from the school counseling office.
  • A certificate of completion will be provided to students with IEPs who complete their high school program per their IEP but do not meet the Michigan Merit Curriculum requirements for a diploma. Once a student accepts a diploma, his/her eligibility to receive a free and appropriate public education ends.




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