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October is Fire Prevention Month
Center Line High school students in the firefighting program (HHS Academy) have been heading to the elementaries in the district to share about fire safety, bringing along the fire truck for students to explore, and passing out fire safety coloring books. 
They have stopped by kindergarten & 1st grade classes throughout the month of October.
WDIV Local 4 news stopped by to check it out! Click the image to watch the news clip.
high school fire student high five elementary students
Educational Career students stepped into the mind of Preschoolers
The Teacher Cadets became preschool students today as they worked their way through stations of activities geared towards 3 and 4 year old's. While taking some time to play each station, the Cadets were asked to think about why these activities would be offered to little ones, what they could learn from these activities and why each activity is important to the different areas of development. We finished of our day with everyone’s favorite station, snacks…goldfish and juice.
Student showing off her Lego creation. Students working with Legos. Teacher cadets coloring. Teacher cadet students playing Candy Land.    Teacher cadet students playing with play dough.
Fire Academy Visits Macomb County's Emergency Management
Center Line Fire Academy cadets had the opportunity to complete their lesson on fireground communications by visiting the Macomb County Emergency Management building/ COMTEC.  A crucial part of getting help to your home during an emergency is the 911 system. The cadets learned how the 911 system works, what it takes to become a dispatcher and the services they provide 24 hours a day 365 days a year.. Special thanks to Dispatch Supervisor Thomas Stawski Jr. and his staff for taking time out of their day to help educate our cadets. We had a great visit. Thank you.

Follow our students' journey to becoming firefighters on Facebook:  Center Line Fire Academy
 Firefighting students in front of county building Students inside of emergency management room
Academy Launch Event
Academies of Center Line at Center Line High School kicked off the year with an
Academy Launch event. We wanted to have this opportunity for all of our academy
students and teachers to spend time getting to know one another and learn more about
their chosen academy. Check out this 5 minute video to learn about the Academies of
Center Line - the redesign of Center Line High School into the academy model and
newly designated as a Ford Next Generation Learning Community. As a district, we are
helping our students to discover, explore, and experience the many career paths
available to them. Overview of the Academies of Center Line
Freshman Academy – “Start FRESH, Finish Strong”
The Ninth Grade Academy started fresh on Tuesday with their academy kickoff event. 
Students were welcomed into the academy with a new t-shirt and treats with a fresh
start theme. They moved on to practice collaboration in a variety of team building
games and learned about the importance of their freshman year.  
Health & Human Services (HHS) Academy – “Help, Heal, Serve”
The Health and Human Services (HHS) Academy of Center Line High School
celebrated the start of a new school year with a 2-hour kick-off event. Our entire HHS
Academy gathered in the gym where the staff, academy leaders, and student
ambassadors were recognized and celebrated. Following that, students competed
alongside their fellow pathway students in a variety of games and events. Once the
events wrapped up, the entire academy went outside to enjoy the beautiful weather,
some ice cream, and an assortment of games and activities on the track and soccer
Industry, Technology, & Innovation Academy
The ITI Academy hosted our first Academy Launch on September 13th.  Our students
had the opportunity to meet their academy teachers, meet other peers in their academy,
and explore some of the skills and courses we offer.  ITI students rotated through four
different activities:  building a tower using creative, random materials;  competing in
Kahoot with questions about our academy, the school, and pop culture; creating an ITI
banner with unique handprints; and exploring career simulators in heavy equipment and
sports broadcasting.  Students had a chance to win lunch by building the tallest tower
with their table or having the highest scores in Kahoot.
Summer Recap
Our students were busy with various opportunities through Academies of Center Line
connections. Here are some highlights from a few of our students.
California Youth Leadership Summit
Current Health & Human Services (HHS) senior student ambassador Jessica
Woolsey attended a youth leadership summit in California.

“I had tons of fun, and it really just helps you learn more about the college
application process, and what is expected of you. It also provides a ton of insight on
how financial aid for school works, and what scholarships to apply for. The trip also had
amazing resources from admission directors from some of the most prestigious
university in the country! (Stanford, Yale, USC, U. of Chicago, etc)(These schools also
give amazing financial aid!) Also all the mentors for the groups are current college
students at these or other well-known universities, mine goes to Yale! Plus all the
students are kids from all over the country too! One kid came from Guam! (Also flying
alone is pretty cool too LOL!) Overall it was just to let the kids attending the
program know that college is affordable, and not to pass it by just because you
don’t think you’ll do well or because you are worried about the cost.”
This summer our JROTC has kept busy. Here’s a recap from HHS junior and Executive
Officer Olivia Stepnioski.

“So far this summer JROTC has participated in two different camps JCLC and JEC.
Cadets also assisted with the Selfridge Air Base show by volunteering. 

JCLC where cadets go through a small "boot camp" like camp where they are taught
leadership and many other necessary skills. The camp is to help push them past
their limitations and introduce them to new ways of communication and learning.
The cadets learn how to act as a team and as an individual. 

JEC also known as JROTC Enrichment Camp was a week-long camp conducted by
JROTC staff (leadership of JROTC) to help inform incoming freshmen and eighth
graders about what the program is like. We helped the students experience many
activities that help strengthen their communication, attention to detail, self-discipline,
leadership, teamwork, and many other life skills. The students learned about the many
different teams that JROTC has to offer such as Drill, Raiders, Marksmanship, Robotics,
Color guard, Academic team, Leadership team, and more. They were taught and
trained CPR and how to operate an AED. The students also were introduced to
stationary movements (drill) and more JROTC related activities and events. The
students then graduated camp and are now ranked a private when they first enter

Law Enforcement internship with the City of Center Line
2022 graduate Cassidy Smiley completed an internship at the City of Center Line that
included ride-alongs. Ride-alongs allow a passenger to accompany a police officer to
see firsthand the daily workings of law enforcement in order to gain a better
understanding of the challenges and rewards of being a police officer.

Cassidy was part of our HHS academy. After taking law enforcement class while at
CLHS and attending a class field trip to the City of CL led by longtime academies
supporter, Public Safety director Paul Myszenski, she knew that’s what she was
destined to do. She is currently pursuing her passion towards becoming a police officer.

Nurse internship at St. John Macomb Hospital
After attending the HHS field trip to Wayne State University’s nursing department last
school year, senior Savannah Kutch wanted to get started on the required community
service hours WSU representatives mentioned that students needed in order to apply.
Thanks to our partnership with Ascension we were able to get her setup on a summer

“Throughout summer while I was volunteering at St. John Macomb Hospital my
experience there was good. All the workers and patients were surprisingly super nice
despite their situation. My first shift and training I was surrounded by intelligent, nice
people. Most of the people there were older which is okay. On my first shift I was
working with this one girl who graduated last year from Tower, she was really nice and
super sweet and we finished doing our job before our shift ended so we just left around
the hospital. My actual job at the hospital was going around patients' rooms and seeing
if they wanted anything to keep them occupied. It was called the “comfort cart” the
things we had on it were things such as magazines, coloring books, pencils, crossword
puzzles, word searches, hair brushes, tooth brushes, toothpaste, reading glasses,
rosaries, masks, alcohol pads, lotion, and other products patients might need. When we
entered  a floor we would go up to the front desks and check to see if there were any
rooms that were restricted for COVID patients, mental, or non-verbal patients. We had a
checklist for everything that we gave away and for the room we weren't allowed to enter.
We were given ID’s that allowed us into the elevators or other rooms for doctors and
other workers. We were also given a jacket that had ascension volunteers written on it
that we were allowed to keep. My overall experience working at the hospital was
amazing and I would 100% do it again.
She is currently working towards earning her National Registry certification through our
EMT class and is also taking nursing. In addition, she was one of last year’s firefighting
students who qualified for certification.